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Heat Pumps in Bath, Michigan

At Town & Country Plumbing Heating & Geothermal, we offer excellent deals on the latest heating and air-conditioning systems. Our plumbing and heating company in Bath, Michigan, offers some of the most energy-efficient heat pumps on the market.

Heat Pump, Heat Pumps in Bath, MI
Heat Pump, Heat Pumps in Bath, MI

Heat Pumps
Let us install a highly efficient geothermal heat pump in your home or business. We have the ability to install a split heating system, so you can keep your existing furnace and use it as a backup. Our regular geothermal units can be fitted with a hot water generator to make free hot domestic water.

Water-to-water geothermal boilers can be used for both in-floor heat and domestic hot water. We are certified to design and install both geo-earth closed-loop and pond-loop systems.

Geothermal Heat Pumps
Geothermal systems take heat from the earth, transfer that heat to a refrigerant, and then distribute the heat into the structure with a forced-air or hydronic system. This is accomplished with a compressor or heat pump unit, the liquid heat exchanger medium, and the air delivery system. 

In cooling, geothermal systems take heat from the structure, transfer the heat to the refrigerant, then transfer the heat back to the water or loop fluid.  This works the same as a standard air conditioner, except a geothermal system uses water or loop fluid at a constant temperature (average 50 degrees Fahrenheit) instead of varying outdoor temperature.

Dual Fuel Heat Pump
A heat pump can be an effective add-on option to use in conjunction with an existing gas furnace. With this dual-fuel option, the 2 systems share the heating load, but never function at the same time because each system operates when it is most cost-effective.

The heat pump will be the primary heating and cooling system. However, when the temperature drops below the heat pump's ability to operate as efficiently as the gas furnace, the gas furnace will take over until the temperature rises enough for the heat pump to operate more efficiently.

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